The Electric MG Midget Conversion Project
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Here it is....The victim. A 1973 MG Midget
The plan is simple....Pull out the old gas guzzling, smog coughing internal combustion engine and lovingly place in a nice new electric motor....Cool huh?
Oddly, this old gas guzzling, smog coughing internal combustion engine really isn't since it does not run and has not run since 1984 or so. I suppose that the best thing would be to simply chuck the whole thing and ride a bike...... What kind of fun would that be?

The car's history:
Back in like 1983 I purchased this car from a place called "Import Auto" in Fort Wayne Indiana for around 1 Kilobucks. Import Auto was a import car specialist for parts and service.
At the time I put myself through college by fixing up old Triumphs, Fiats and MGs. This particular car was abandoned at Import Auto since the owners did not pay the repair bill. I thought that was OK since the owner of Import Auto was applying for a mechanics lean.... Well, much to my surprise, Import Auto closed one night and all traces of the title disappeared.......
Since then I have completed college, gotten married, had a couple kids and aged a whole lot of years. Meanwhile, the car collected dust in garage and shed.

Some simple facts:
If it ran, it would have approximately 65 horsepower and 72 foot-pounds of torque.
Unladen Weight Approximately 1,510lbs
Length 11',5-5/8''
Width 4' ,6-7/8''
Height 4',5/8''
1st Gear - 12.5:1
2nd Gear - 7.5:1
3rd Gear - 5.3:1
4th Gear - 3.9:1
Tire - 145SR 13

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