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Motor Musing
Welp, it's time to decide on a motor... This is tough! There are so many options and so many opinions. I have swayed from minimalist to high performance and back again. But I think I have narrowed it down....
I have refocused my thoughts and re-evaluated the needs. Let's face it, all I need is to get to work and back again. That works out to 6.8 miles each way with really only one mild hill to consider. If I take the back roads it works out to a maximum speed limit of 45mph. Even if I take the interstate, I am only on it for 4 minutes at 60mph. It is starting to look like I don't really need much.
Let's take one more consideration of the car.....
With all the ICE crap out of it, it weighs about 1200 lbs.
Until about 1966 the car didn't even hit 60hp. Heck the darn car was introduced with only about 45hp!
I have decided on the D&D ES-15A-6 48-72 VDC 10hp single-shaft motor from Electric Vehicles USA, Inc.
In fact, I am buying almost everything from them. Here is the list of supplies I just ordered:
MO-ES-15A-6 Motor D&D ES-15A-6 48-72 VDC 10hp single-shaft $784.95
CO-AXE7245 Controller, Alltrax AXE7245 Programmable $640.00
TH-PB-6 Throttle PB-6 0-5K Lever $72.50
CT-SW180-756 Contactor Albright SW180-756, 80 VDC Coil $125.00
CA-01W-0001 Cable 1 Gauge - Black 20ft @ $3.47 $69.40
CA-01W-0002 Cable 1 Gauge - Red 20ft @ $3.47 $69.40
BP-PakTrakr600EV PakTrakr600EV Package $149.95
BP-CS200 External Current Sensor 200 AMP (CS200) $49.95
LU-01-6-180 Lug Straight 1&2 GA 3/8" Hole 12 @ $1.98 $23.76
SW-20256-7 Emergency Push Button Switch $93.95