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Roll with the Changes - 3.3MB
Which Way is Home - 2.9MB
Moon Light - 4.9MB
HighLife - 2.3MB
The Prophecy - 3.5MB
Shoot me now - 3.2MB
God Left Me - 4.0MB
Till Three - 2.2MB
You are Alone - 3.8MB
Place of my Screams - 3.3MB
Positive Way - 4.1MB
Death and Destruction - 6.1MB
God Left Me (Live) - 4.8MB
Moon Light (Live) - 5.4MB
Plumb Crazy (Live) - 4.0MB
Something About You (Live) - 3.5MB

Brainfones only

Life is but a Dream MP3- .9MB

Other Stuff

Man of Constant Sorrow Mpeg-4 Video - 5.0MB
Isaac Laugh AVI Video - 0.6MB


Way Cool Robots


Craig Wilson at Wilson ArtCraft: cwilsonartcraft@sbcglobal.net

Please check back frequently. I have about twenty 4 tracks to go through.
Could take awhile....(sigh)
Well OK, maybe not frequently...but come back!
Not that I am desperate or anything.
Just bookmark the darn site and check back.

Last Updated 8/28/2004

Copyright 2004. Psychic Surgery: Craig Wilson-Lead & Vocal, Tom O'Brien-Drums, Kevin Hughes-Bass. Thanks to Brian Patton for Sound & Effects.



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